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I just love Chad Michael Murray. And I just love One Tree Hill. There's nothing more to say.

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JL likes me. I mean, he likes me and I have no clue why…and I’m not talking about my brother now, it just happened that they have the same initials, which is weird, by the way.

But JL likes me, I mean, he likes me, he is nice to me, he didn’t took my lock for days now…never since spring break actually and even weeks before, just when I took his, he took mine.

It’s weird. I mean, of course I like him, he’s nice and funny…but I’m also mean to him. Whenever we have felt tips in Foods, I start coloring his arm, drawing smileys on his hand and stuff. Just for fun!

And he isn’t even nice to E (and E is awesome btw). So…how’s that possible…I mean, he knows her for so much longer (well, could be that&hellip, but still, he is nice, he said he liked me, because I’m awesome…and I think he is flirting with me. All the time, which is actually funny.

Once I was at my locker and he put his hand around my waist and pushed me gently a little bit to the side so he could do something at his locker. Or he is tickling me, or just doing something which involves touching me. It’s cute…somehow, I mean, I like it…it’s just fun, he is fun, he is awesome.

But still, he likes me…and that’s weird – at least a little. Well, he’s an awesome friend and I love Foods with him, E and C.

You know you love me

the princess

1.4.08 20:48

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